Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Word Snoop - Ursula Dubosarsky

I bought this book last night at a wonderful independent bookstore called Rolla Books and Toys. As it was placed in the "Literature and Poetry" section, I didn't realize until I started to read it this morning that it was meant for younger readers. However, it is a wonderful book for any age. The Book Snoop is, according to the inside flap, a "top secret, wild and witty tour through our fair language." I quite agree - I definitely enjoyed my romp through mnemonics, mondegreens (my new favorite word), portmanteau words, malapropisms, Tom Swifties...and the list goes on (which is a cliche).

Although The Word Snoop seems to have been written as a book for middle school readers, I don't think it should be limited to that age group. I, a high school junior whose best subject is English, didn't know half of the stuff in The Word Snoop. Even more important, I enjoyed learning the things I didn't know and revisiting the things I did.

If you are a word lover of any age, read this book. Do it. Go. (You can stop reading now.)

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