Monday, August 17, 2009

This Blog and Books Recently Read

So. Hello, Blogger. This blog has been established for the purposes of 1) allowing me to catalog not only the books I am reading, but what I think about them, and 2) helping me get better at writing about books. Often, I find that when I sit down to write a book review (for whatever reason), I can't accurately put into words why I liked the book or what I thought about it. This is odd for me, as I'm usually quite good at expressing myself. Anyhow, I am talking far too much about myself. On to books.

I recently finished one of many re-reads of So You Want to Be a Wizard and Deep Wizardry by Diane Duane, both part of the Young Wizards series. I have loved these books not as long as they came out, but for several years, and I anxiously await the next sequel in April of 2010. (Good grief, I can't believe 2010 is only a few months away!) I must admit that I love the last few books slightly less than the first four--I'm not sure why. For those who haven't read the books, here's the premise of the first:

Nita and Kit have always been social outcasts. Both are bullied, though Nita, for one, can bring it on herself--she can't seem to keep her mouth shut. One day when running from Joanne and her fellow bullies, Nita rushes into the library and ultimately finds a book called titled So You Want to Be a Wizard. She takes it home, and after taking the Oath to become a wizard, discovers that it was not all an elaborate joke. She then stumbles upon Kit while he is preparing a spell, and the two young wizards become friends. However, they still have their Ordeal to get through--an aptly named event that is different for every wizard, and must be completed in order for one to become a fully-fledged wizard. For Nita and Kit, the task involves an alternate universe, a friendly white hole called "Fred", and facing the Lone Power, the malevolent being who created death and entropy.

Anyhow, I would definitely recommend the series to whomever enjoys science fiction, fantasy, or just a good book. Happy reading!

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